Bypass iCloud Activation IOS 7

How To Bypass iCloud Activation IOS 7

How to Bypass Activation Lock IOS 7 on your iPhone. We want to help you solve that problem, to remove iCloud Activation on your iPhone. Apple has created a protective measure if you lose or if your iPhone is stolen it can be blocked, If your iPhone is blocked when you want to activate it will ask you to enter your email to send code to the rightful owner, but because you aren’t rightful owner you can’t have that information. But now with this software will you solve that problem. This is the hack tool with which activate your iPhone quickly and easily. Below will explain step by step how to do it.


Bypass iCloud Activation Lock IOS 7

Steps to Bypass Activation Lock IOS 7
Step 1:must first download Remove iCloud Activation Tool  Here
Step 2:Open the bypass Preferences.
Step 3: Start the Bypass software.
Step 4. Select Model and iOS Firmware
Step 5. Click Activate
Step 6: Reboot your Phone.
You’re done! Your iPhone now is activated and Activation lock is bypassed – you can sign in with other Apple ID.

Bypass IOS 7 Activation Lock support models

  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4s
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPad
  • iPod

Bypass iCloud Activation IOS Version Support

  • iOS 7
  • iOS 7.0.1
  • iOS 7.0.2
  • iOS 7.0.3
  • iOS 7.0.4
  • IOS 7.0.5
  • iOS 7.0.6
  • iOS 7.1
  • iOS 7.1.1


I hope that helped you to activate your iPhone, IF you have any questions please write in comment